Rides & Events

Check this page often for updated listings of all types of cycling events in and around our area. Rides require, at minimum, an appropriate bike in good working order, water, and a helmet. We suggest a spare tube, energy food, maybe a little cash in case we stop, and your biggest smile! Many rides are held subject to weather. It's a good idea to confirm dates, time and any specific requirements, too. We'll see you out there — and have fun!

Our Weekly Group Rides

Day Start Time Description Location Phone

Every Tuesday

6 PM

Ride Type: Road Ride Size: 40+ cyclists Distance: 30 miles Drop: No Season: March - October This is also a great shop for group bike ride new-comers. Cranked Bike Studio hosts 3 different rides during the summer months. Their tag line – “Bringing People and Bikes Together” – is right on the money. During peak season this shop is home to a Tuesday night (6:00 pm) group ride that can have 60+ people show up. With the ride being about 30 miles, it has something for everyone. The first 8 miles holds fast to a No-Drop rule; everyone stays together. After that it will get up to race pace (25+ MPH average), and those who want to test their skill and fitness have the chance move to the front.

Cranked Bike Studio 200 Main Street

(970) 920-0800

Every Monday

5:30 pm

When: Mondays at 5:30 pm Ride Type: Road Ride Size: 10 cyclists Distance: 20 miles Drop: No Frequency: Weekly Season: January - December Ladies Only Cranked Bike Studio This ride is a no-drop, ladies-only group ride. The group will ride the same route as the Tuesday night ride, only backwards. The route is mostly flat with a couple small hills, lots of country roads, and awesome girl talk. If you’re a Fox Valley lady, and into riding, and you’re looking for other ladies who enjoy the group bike rides, then here is your group ride. Afterwards, hang out for some wine or beer and get to know the ladies you just road with.

Cranked Bike Studio 200 Main Street

(970) 920-0800

Every Wednesday

6:00 PM

New to road biking? This is your ride. 20 miles max.15 miles per hour max. Learn the rules of the road and riding techniques.

Cranked Bike Studio 407 S. Green Bay Road